Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beaucoup de Muscles!

Before I left for France, I completed a course on-line that would allow me to officially validate any crossfit athlete's performance in any of the 2014 open WODs. Every year Reebok holds a competition that names one male and one female athlete "fittest of all". I will never be that woman, but the open workouts are always challenging and fun to try.

The on-line course took me three hours to complete, but I was glad to have done it. It ended up coming in handy when we traveled to the city of Besançon, France, the capitol of Franche-Comté, just to complete the 14.4 workout. I may also be the only living soul to be certified by Reebok AND the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Somethings I learned:

1)At the end of a lift, you gotta lock it the fuck out. Otherwise, no rep.

2) Toes to bar? Both feet better touch the bar at once. Otherwise no rep.

3) Wall balls? Get that motherfucking squat below parallel and the ball has gotta make contact with the wall. Otherwise... well you get the picture.

Thankfully, the only person I had to no rep was my traveling companion Jennie, and she knew it before I said it. And it was only twice.

The 14.4 WOD was a tough one. The Crossfit Box in Besançon is one of the coolest, warmest communities I have ever wandered into. They welcomed us with open arms, and support and we spent 3 hours there, helping their athletes complete the work-out, two at a time because they only had two rowers, and the workout involved rowing, among other things.

I felt good about understanding the movement standards and I was doing ok counting in French but the one thing the on-line course did not prepare me for was how to not be distracted when the shirts came off. I mean, I don't want to be a big jerk or anything, but Jesus Christ. Just watch the video. You will understand.

Hugues Taillard runs a top-notch facility, and the members there are all super-sweet. They are also mega-ripped so clearly the programming is working for them. Of the three Crossfit Boxes we visited in France, this was the best. Besançon is an interesting city too, very ancient and walled-in, fortress-like, spooky and medieval. I would have done more research and spent more time there, had I known, a strange village with its citadel still in tact from the 1600s, built by Vauban to protect this old place and block access to the Doubs River.

If you look closely you can see me ticking off reps as a judge (juge) and shyly averting my eyes from the expanse of muscles that suddenly filled my periphery. At least that's the story I gave my husband....

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